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Praises For Fathers Have Rights Too
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Jennifer Jackson - A Mother of 2 Children
"It definitely had me up in arms! A must read for fathers experiencing Baby Momma Drama!"

Karen Wright – Vice President of Sales
"Riveting, A great read, It makes you want to go directly to the end of the book to see what happens."

Julie Mikolajewski – Marquette University
"It’s engaging, It makes you ask the question, what is she up to next."

Dorothy Pruitt-Smith – Milwaukee Public Schools
"This is a must read for all estranged fathers who struggle to maintain their parental rights. I've always felt that fathers could involve themselves in their children's lives; if only they had the will….WOW, this book explodes that naive belief."

Jennifer Holschuh – Paralegal Denver, Colorado

Nathaniel Gillon – Marquette University High School
"It's a powerful insight, an easy read, yet one that moves one to predictable anger, compassion and sympathy for all the parties affected by this saga."

Lisa Visher – Legal Assistant, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
"It’s a touching story."

Barnes and Noble (Anonymous Reviews)
Posted June 26, 2004 - (It's Really Good!) Fathers have Rights Too! Just the title alone, makes you curious to pick it up and read it! This book kept me both very interested and frustrated! Good story line and leaves me with the question - who does the 'system' protect or benefit?

Posted March 20, 2003
Unbelievable– Fathers Have Rights Too kept me on the edge of my seat. Each chapter I read, made me ask the question Why? How could a mother do this to her son? All fathers shouldn't be lumped in with bad fathers. As the book displays, there are some good fathers out there. A good read that would keep you in suspense and open your eyes to the real world of divorce and child custody.

Posted July 1, 2002
It's a great book. It kept me on edge all the way to the end. I enjoyed the whole book.