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Fathers Have Rights Too
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  Fathers Have Rights Too
After 4 years of absentee, Cory is back and ready to be a father. What began as a loving reunion between father and son; becomes an intense, bitter, custody battle; including allegations of sexual abuse, child abuse, and kidnapping; all could potentially destroy the father's life and career. In a bazaar twist of events, the ex-wife Paula, conducts an escalating campaign of lies, deceit, and betrayal to revoke the father's custody rights at any cost; even at the expense of their sonís sanity.

Even in service to their country, fathers can't escape the wrath of mothers; who's only out for a paycheck and the destruction of relationships between fathers and their children. While fathers are deployed, mothers reach out to the courts to change their custody rights permanently, thus violating the father's rights of equal parenting.

Fathers Have Rights Too, illustrates the brutal custody events between parents, and behind the scenes of divorce involving children. It makes you re-think the process and compels the question, "Is it Worth the Sacrifice?"
The Book: A Narrative Non-Fiction Novel
Fathers Have Rights Too
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